A Magic Trick

You don't deserve a room in my poetry. Your abandonment is not an art. It is not a magic trick
No such thing as a surprise element when you leave. I won't stand up for an applause when you come back. You only leave me with blank stare on my face that makes everybody turns their head on me and ask. "Are you alright? You can tell me your story."

You don't deserve my poem. Neither the idea of romance. I don't feel loved when you are around but I stay because I am just afraid to be all alone. I have never had somebody who care even though it is just a pretend. I have never had somebody who loves me even though he loves himself more. I have never had somebody who makes me his priority even though no, not really.

You accuse me of pushing you away, make it difficult for me to stay. You accuse me of loving so impurely. You make me believe that I am obsessed.

I don't take pleasure in hating you. I don't take pleasure in creating distance between us for I just want to be close to you. I want to be able to talk about my days like it used to. But I know things are not the same, something's gotta be repaired and only time can fix it.

I guess this is all I need to say for today.

Tomorrow I am having another thing to say. I'll just wait and try until I've got nothing on you.


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