I thought I saw a man brought to life

It has been 6 months and over since I last updated this blog.

There have been many things going on. I was sent to India for 2 months and for some reasons I cannot translate the experience into words. I assume I must be so deprived lately.

I do not know how else to say. I found myself so caught up with a person. Again.

But this is unlike a situation I have ever been. It is so hard to move on from this person. It is so hard when I realize that my happiness and goal are externalized. I thought I am quite independent and smart on my own. It turns out I can bend my knees in front of something I call lust.

I haven't figured any outlet to channel this emotion. Every poem I write is not enough. Every story I try to write isn't quite right.

Honestly, I feel so messed up.

Will this get any better?

I almost get my happiness. Almost is never enough.


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