The Forbidden Fruit

Ramadan has always been a morally challenging month. But this is the month when I turn into my most corrupted self.

When Wonder Woman was surprised to find that the war in the world isn't caused by the War God Ares, but it is caused by the nature of humankind all along. I found out that the corruption within me is not started by demons or all sorts of evil but it starts from me. My natural drive. My human nature. A desire I cannot fight against.

I fail to control my desire, ironically, in the holiest month.

I have sinned.

I would like to seek for forgiveness to Him but I know I would do it again. God knows, right now, I cannot keep a promise. Unless to myself, that I have to stay within my limit. I have to promise that whatever I do, I need to be accountable and responsible.

I am 25. No one stays pure anymore in this age. Everything around me is corrupted. I am sharing a planet with religious fundamentalists, climate crisis and strong individual desires for sex, money  power or other pleasures.


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