How Soon Until We Arrive to the Gilead Era?

It was 7 a.m local time when I heard about the explosion in Manchester Arena, I was about to get to work that day. I kept thinking about how surreal it was. A bomb in a concert stadium, there was a performance of an international superstar organized by a super professional team. Even though, it was way up there in Manchester, but I kept thinking about my own safety.

It was in the late afternoon, when I heard about Daesh taking control of Marawi in The Philippines. The government had ensued a martial law throughout the country and President Duterte threatened released a statement that says. "If you think you should die, you will die."...  I found the statement both amusing and fearsome. This is no joke. A city had been taken over by militants. The insurgence is closer than I think.

It was around 9pm and I was in a movie theater enjoying a film with a date, a nice male friend. In the middle of the film, he leaned over and whispered to me. He told me that there was an explosion in Kampung Melayu.

Just about minutes ago, a friend in Facebook share a footage whereby a man yelling outside a mosque, shouting about a future world domination by the Sharia Law.

Here I am, writing this post inside a comfortable working place. It has the sunshine and the air conditioning. I am an independent 25 years old who has the freedom of education and work. I see But I wonder, how long will it last? How long until we reach the Gilead Era?

For God's sake, I still have dreams to chase. A good career, a chance to take my postgrad overseas and meeting the man of my dream.

These senseless constitution may make it difficult for us, but we shan't let dreams go die and wasted.


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